Rapper Costumes

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We know that many of you young adult and teens will want to dress as rappers for Halloween since the hip hop culture has grown to be so huge lately. There are plenty of rapper costumes and rapper accessories to accommodate you and your rapper dress up needs. They have everything from bling to everything else!

We looked in one of our favorite online costume shops and found a wide of assortment of rapper goods on sale. We will go over a few of those here and you can go online using one of the links on this page to find the rest for yourself. No matter what type of MC or Rapper that you want to dress as for Halloween this year, they have it all!

They have complete costume kits such as the “Rap Idol Adult Costume” for about $50 and the “Hip Hop Home Boy Adult Costume” for right around $47. They have many more as well. Then they have a larger than normal line of accessories for their rap costumes as well. They have accessories such as 34 inch adult faux gold chains for right around $5 and the dollar sign bling rings for about $6. There are many other costumes and accessories to choose from for your Halloween or costume party needs.

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Yellow Rapper CostumeThe “Yo Imposta Teen Costume” is another example of the great rapper costumes available. This one is for teens and sells for an extraordinary $20 approximately! The costumes comes with extra large and baggy rapper suit, sun visor and even its very own Bling! You will need your own shoes for this costume, but that is about all! This is a great deal, but get it now while it is on clearance because supplies will not last forever at this great price!

Another popular item this year for rapper costumes is the black mesh shirts for both men and women. They have both online. They have the men’s black mesh shirts for about $17 and they have women’s for right around $19. Both the men’s and the women’s black mesh tops are new for the year 2012, so get yours with all the bling you need today!

Another great costume that we have to mention in this article is the Yellow Rapper Suit for only $69, which is a steal considering how hip you will look in this outrageous costume! It comes complete with a bright yellow hooded PVC body suit and matching black hat. The suit can be accessorized with some black or yellow shoes and perhaps a gold chain, ring and goatee. That will make for quite wicked adult rapper costumes indeed! Check out more hiphop costumes on our homepage.

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