Hip Hop Costume

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A Hip Hop Costume is one of the trendiest, most fashionable costumes to wear. Though in hip hop lingo you call them rags, you don’t really have to show up in rags. Whether you’re ready to show up for an audition or to battle it out in the streets, your personality and style should be well thought-out.

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Come to think of it, what really makes hip hop music so popular? First of all, rap beat in its 4/4 time signature is so catchy. The most popular hip hop songs also have a story to them. They bring you from gangsta land into personal relationships then back to the dance floor.

Hip Hop CostumeIn a manner of speaking, rapping is much like speaking. Because it is a lyrical form of music, there is rhyme, rhythm, and verse. It has great retention and recall to it. It can be done a cappella or to the accompaniment of a beat.

This type of music is contagious, and it all sounds impromptu and made up, we know. But there is actually a deeper art to it, and that’s why so many people can relate to this musical genre. The hip hop culture is also so closely related to other musical activities like scratching, sampling, and beat boxing.

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It involves great DJ skills and rapping abilities to fit into this genre. It takes a special voice quality and vocal style to hip hop your way to success. That’s why only the greatest and the best make a break in the industry and establish their own identity.

Get your best Hip Hop Costume ideas from the top hip hop artists of 2012. It won’t hurt to take a few hints from currently famous hip hop personalities like Drake, Jay-Z, and Kanye West who are making it in the scene. They are the ones who have taken hip hop culture to the next level not only with their type of music but also with their style of dressing.

Aside from the music business and show business, the streets are another ideal venue for getting your most original and authentic ideas. That’s exactly where youngsters first learned to break dance the old school way and rap their way to fame and popularity.

Besides, where else do you think hip hop originated other than in the alleyways of Bronx right in the heart of New York City? However, traditionally speaking, hip hop can trace its roots to ancient African American and Jamaican music. It has now made its way through the halls of Julliard as ballet hip hop, jazz hip hop, and rock hip hop.

With the rise of new school hip hop, there are already more exciting variations to hip hop music. As a result, even the most regular Hip Hop Costumes have now become more versatile and creative. It has gone beyond a tendency to wear loose-fitting cargo pants and oversized shirts.

Black, white, and silver remain the colors of the day. Girls now take inspiration from the lycra outfits or crop pants typical to Rihanna Costumes and Alicia Keys Costumes, while boys keep their caps low and their mp3s playing in the pockets of their Usher Costumes, Ne-Yo Costumes and even Snoop Dogg or good old Eminem Costumes.

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It’s really up to you. You can either look like an old school rapper or a hip hop newbie. You can be a big daddy complete with a goatee or a master rapper in a yellow jumpsuit. You can blind the competition with your one-of-a-kind bling-blings like flashy necklaces, rings, and shades.

Since hip hop songs and rap albums are so great at making it to the billboard charts, don’t let your Hip Hop Costume fail you. Add poetry to rap not only with your synchronized movement but also with your hip hop attire. Artistically, let your rags do the talking!

Hip Hop Costume Accessories to Complete That Gangsta Look

Hip hop is one of the music genres which have revolutionized music as it is today. After all, many consider this music not only as mere tunes, but some have actually considered them to be part of a lifestyle.

Because of this popularity, the Hip Hop look has become a favorite choice of many as well. These rappers and musicians have become such icons that more often than not, their fans emulate their lifestyles, as well as their look.

As you may already know, there are numerous ways of finding the best Hip Hop look for you. However, it is undeniable that one of the most convenient ways of finding the best one is through the Internet. There are numerous designs and styles which can give you the look that you may be aspiring for. And to top it all off, these online shops have the most affordable rates for them as well!

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Having the right Hip Hop accessories will also complement and complete that “gangsta” look that you want. So, go ahead and buy yourself a bandanna, some street caps, oversized pants and those Hip Hop shades. It would also help if you had with you the right amount and size of clothes which will certainly make you the coolest guy in the block.

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